We all know that the financial status of the NHS generally is not financed as we’d all like. Taking into account the ever decreasing funding provided by the Government, we are proud of what we do. So too are we of the NHS.

Why do we do this? It’s not all about saving money although it helps. Being such a large employer there are many things that are compliant. Communicating and engaging with employees, providing health and wellbeing and much more makes employees feel valued and gives real reason to stay employed. Employees play a huge part in terms of retention in all Trusts and Boards across the UK so being able to provide such platforms does much more than tick the boxes! A service that does exactly what you want can only encourage employees to stay and that’s the reason we provide what we do.

What does the NHS get out of it? Not only is everything supplied free of charge but all our products provide real time engagement with employees. Employees are able to access important information through channels supplied via Ark and furthermore there’s their added advantage of utilising lucrative rewards from the sponsors that fund all we provide.

If you are a Trust/Board wishing to know more please contact us from your works email address and we’ll send you a pass code. Alternatively, you could call us direct and speak to one of the team. ENTER YOUR PASSCODE HERE.