Printed documents. Although the NHS is keen to become a paper light/less environment it is still necessary to accommodate every employees needs and our products are no different. Even though some quantities have, over recent years been reduced our printed documents are still preferred by many and get used on a regular basis. Catering to all age’s it’s now becoming clear that a common trend is for the younger generation to access such information on line through the NHS’s own intranet facilities.

Digital documents. These documents are a duplication of the above with the exception of having a “pretty much immediate” update facility. Providing requests are brought to our attention we can accommodate such within a matter of hours so should any important issues arise we can update these versions by keeping the information as up to date as possible.

Application software programmes. Mindful of tomorrow we have become accustomed to digital technology. After much research, investment and initial trials with individual Trusts in 2015 we are now able to offer a brand new service that does much more than inform staff of what they need to know. Apps, as they are commonly known are becoming a most preferred way of keeping in touch with employees and being at the forefront of technology it allows us to provide a fantastic platform in the form of staff apps.