Did you know that the NHS is the 5th biggest workforce in the world-that’s quite a statement! We offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to get in front of thousands of NHS employees in geographical areas or across the entire country. We work with large organisations along with independent businesses offering professional advice on the best ways to secure positive returns.

Who gets involved? Whether its high flyers like EE, Dominos Pizza or BMW, to small independent businesses, all are welcome to come and support.

How does it work? Most of us in business know that in simple terms marketing is all about numbers, the more you can get in front of, the more you can expect a return. Our publications and programmes are no different. All documents we provide are official and presented to staff in a number of ways, these provide the perfect platform for businesses both big and small to integrate themselves into the Health Service domain.

What are the returns? In today’s busy world it’s all too easy to go with the flow and let evaluation get left behind. The way our products work is by constantly being in the employee’s domain, providing either professional services or lucrative discounts that can be redeemed at point of sale, this way you know exactly how many returns you receive. Whether selling cars or sandwiches a discount to a doctor or nurse is always a healthy option!

If you are a business wishing to know more please contact us by email and we’ll send you a pass code. Alternatively, you could call us direct and speak to one of the team. ENTER YOUR PASSCODE HERE.